Windows 1
First Windows released in year 1985

Windows 1 (first Windows released in year 1985 running on Tesla SMEP PP06 (IBM PC XT Clone) with 640 KB RAM 2x360 KB 5,25" FDD, 42 MB MFM HDD (Seagate ST251) and Hercules Graphic Card. This computer in pictures:
Microsoft Windows 1.0x is a graphical interface developed by Microsoft for MS-DOS that uses the principle of a framed window manager. The interface was created to facilitate the work with MS-DOS, unify the appearance of applications and optimize work with peripheral devices (for example, with a printer). The reaction of users to the advent of Windows was restrained, since for full use it was necessary to purchase such expensive equipment as a mouse, large memory and a new processor model. In addition, the package included several applications designed specifically for these characteristics of the computer. Many parts of the shell were used in later, more successful versions.