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Our mission is to protect your privacy so that you never have to think twice about what you can or can't share when you're using Viber. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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️😆 Keep track of what's important with My Notes on Viber! Make space, not war 💾 Clear up space on your #Android phone 🙌 On Viber, go to Settings.

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In its first two years of availability, Viber did not generate revenues. Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha soon joined the company as well.

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CROSS-PLATFORM SUPPORT: Use Viber messenger on your tablet, computer and phone simultaneously. Viber is a messenger that is as fast & easy as texting - only for FREE!

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Viber. Më tepër.

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Huawei App Gallery

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) events as they happen

Viber is a free messaging and calling app. Once subscribed to the WHO Viber chatbot, users will receive notifications with the latest news and information directly from WHO.

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Viber - Free Phone Calls & Text 3.0 (for iPhone) Review & Rating |

For better or worse your Viber account is tied to your existing phone number. However, the big advantage is that Viber will automatically detect which of your contacts is already using the service.

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Viber : Free Messages & Calls (for Android) - Review 2013 - PCMag Australia

Viber : Free Messages & Calls (for Android). About the Author.

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American Hiking Society - Protect the Places You Love to Hike

Viber. Join American Hiking Society and help protect your favorite trails today and for future generations.

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How to transfer WhatsApp, Kik, Viber and other info on iOS. Viber Joins The Flat Revolution With iOS 7 Update.

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MessengerPeople: Your Experts for Professional Messenger Communication

Your customers can write to you via the most popular messaging apps - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Telegram and Viber - and you increase your efficiency and improve your customer relationship. Viber.

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What is your primary function for using Viber? Have you ever heard of Viber?

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Facebook, Instagram, Viber and WhatsApp are apparently affected. Viber. all rights reserved.