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Office 365 Management & Support I Rackspace

Every month, Microsoft updates your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office 365 apps with all the latest features and security updates. With a wide range of Office 365 plans to choose from, you can get the combination that best fits your needs.

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Microsoft 365 now with Office 365, cloud services, and security

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. Learn more about Microsoft 365.

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Should You Subscribe to Microsoft Office 365? |

But Office 365 has Outlook, Publisher and Access. Office 365 delivers impressive bang for the buck.

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Microsoft Experiences Global Office 365 Outage

Microsoft MSPs did not think the latest outage would impact adoption of Office 365. Microsoft partners trying to send and receive emails from this week's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference may be wondering at the irony of a global Office 365 outage.

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Office 365

In the Office 365 era, complementing the built-in security of Office 365 and other cloud services can not only unlock additional recurring revenue streams, but also enable compliance, visibility and better overall protection for your customers. Office 365. all rights reserved.